Meet our Ride Leader and coach - Marion Clignet
Meet our Ride Leader and coach - Marion Clignet. Marion is perfect sportswoman, a double Olympic silver medallist and professional coach.
HCBT: How do you characterize yourself as a Ride leader?
Marion: As a ride leader I like to share personal riding stories, tour stories, and historical info if I can still breathe as we're climbing! I love giving tips if and when needed and people often appreciate that little extra edge.
HCBT: Why should our guests choose HC Bike Tour Trips?
Marion: HC bike tour trips are a great choice because we're offering full service, tailored by professionals who have ridden, raced, and are absolutely passionate about what we do and WE want to share that passion with our guests.
HCBT: What is your largest achievement in your sports career?
Marion: My largest achievement?? Hmmm... the First on my list was winning a men's race in Brittany in 1994. I was having a phenomenal day where nothing could go wrong. The rest are 6 x world champion, breaking the world record at Manchester in the UK and being the first woman to ride a 3'30 in the pursuit though now they're all well below that! 2 x Olympic Silver and at 50 Im still breaking my own records having run a 2'53 in the marathon last year and just last Sunday broke my own 10km record running a 38'.
HCBT: What is your motto?
Marion: My motto is Stay positive through the rough and the tough times to bring out the best in myself and those around me!
HCBT: What is your favorite climb?
Marion: My favorite climb is the Hourquette d'Ancizan from the Tourmalet side. There is  stunning lush greenery with a little river running alongside us and wild horses, sheep, and donkeys grazing lazily as we ride by.
HCBT: What is a source of your daily enjoyment?
Marion: A source of my daily enjoyment is that I work as a coach and really enjoy seeing my athletes conquer what they thought they couldn't do!

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