Meet the founder of HC Bike Tours - Aigars Paegle
Aigars takes a great deal of satisfaction from the day to day business affairs of HC Bike Tours, and looks forward to his responsibilities as a ride leader for each tour. He is most passionate about HC Bike Tours!
HCBT: How do you characterize yourself as a Ride leader?
Aigars: With me I can safely say that you will not get lost :) Otherwise I am helpful and friendly and am willing to chat about all things regarding cycling and global matters. I enjoy sharing with my experiences and enjoy hearing about the experiences about our guests.
HCBT: Why should our guests choose HC Bike Tours trips?
Aigars: We are professional in our approach with over 10 years of leading and organizing bike tours. Every bike route gets ridden in advance and every hotel and restaurant gets checked out before they get added to the tour repertoire. We are an independent company, and as a sign of quality I make sure to ride in every tour and am ready address any questions or concerns in order to work out any issues that may arise as soon as possible.
HCBT: What is your largest achievement in your sporting career?
Aigars: My largest achievement still stands in front of me – that in a few years my goal is to become the national mountain bike champion in my age group. Even though I have not been a professional cyclist, I have over 8 years of competitive riding experience and in recent years, evenings after work are spent on my bike. I have travelled extensively to train and develop a real respect for riding in the mountains. No route is too long, and can ride all day long, which is what I like to call my “passion for cycling”.
HCBT: What is your motto?
Aigars: My whole live I have lived with the motto that there is always room for improvement! This motivates me to be constantly vigilant in improving quality, and to set and achieve goals.
HCBT: What is your favorite climb?
Aigars: This is a hard question to answer :) Every mountain is very different and each has its own characteristic and beauty. I have yet to climb all of the greats, however from the ones that I have climbed, I have to say that my favorite is Col du Soulor in conjunction with the Col d’Aubisque, which is long, challenging and very beautiful. And that is why I like the Pyrenees more than the Alps. I literally enjoy the aura of the Pyrenees. Gently sloping grass slopes with grazing sheep, goats and cows that have bells around their necks. I love the smell of Pyrenees cheese :) and appreciate the large number of cheese-making establishments that seem to be everywhere!
HCBT: What is a source of your daily enjoyment?
Aigars: My largest source of enjoyment is running HC Bike Tours. I love my Job! It is a combination of many things that love in life. Trip planning and travelling, cycling at times all day long without stopping :), and having a fine dinning experience in one of the viewing tour region’s restaurants. Along with all of this I enjoy the conversations I have with guests and to be together with my family, my wonderful wife Baiba and little boy Emils. That is why we often travel together and enjoy life together!

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