We had a short Q&A session with our Ride Leader Arvis Piziks. 
He has raced the Tour de France four times and has competed in the Olympic Games three times.
HCBT: How do you characterize yourself as a Ride leader?
Arvis: Well, in my carrier I have had various occasions of wearing the leader jersey, so I know the feel. I am trying to lead the team towards right direction.
HCBT: Why should our guests to choose HC Bike Tours trips?
Arvis: Its been 10 years since finalization of my professional carrier and I still greatly enjoy the kitchen atmosphere of cycling. HC Bike Tours offers me great deal of positive emotions on my bike as well as excitement of my experience sharhing with our guests.
HCBT: What is your largest achievement in your sports carrier?
Arvis: Definitely 4th place Gent-Wevelgem in 2001.
HCBT: What is your motto?
Arvis: Don’t worry, be happy!
HCBT: What is your favorite climb?
Arvis: All of them are hard-core … Ok, lets say Alpe D'huez
HCBT: What is a source of your daily enjoyment?
Arvis: Unnecessary stress situations.

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